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sarah lindley
sarah lindley
Sep 25, 2020

More on this discussion from Mel Visser:

  • In 1984-5 the 1.0-1.8 kg carp in Morrow Pond contained 3+ppm of PCBs. That's seven years after banning. Earlier fish were more contaminated.

  • Concentration in fish is proportional to concentration in sediment. (The Kern equation is used to guide sediment removal)

  • Old Morrow sediments will contain PCBs far above removal guidelines.

  • Are these the sediments that are flowing down the river now?

  • Shouldn't we know the PCB load to the river from the tons of sediment flushed down?

  • By better understanding the magnitude of PCB transfer with from dam drawdown we may be able to manage the problem when and if the Calkins Dam needs to do a draw down.

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